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Choosing Falcon Silver EHR Software system is an important decision for any practice. Whether you are an ambulatory practice or a specialty practice, it is important to select a system that will accommodate your needs. Choosing the best EHR software is not an easy task, but it does not have to be a stressful one. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right EHR software for your practice.

Practice EHR

Whether you run a small practice or a large clinic, the Falcon Silver Practice EHR software can help you manage your medical records and keep up with Meaningful Use requirements. With this EMR solution, you can also improve your practice’s financial bottom line and streamline your scheduling and billing processes. Designed by DaVita Physician Solutions, this EMR software offers a comprehensive solution for Nephrology practitioners.

Falcon Silver EHR is a web-based electronic medical record (EHR) application that is available to dialysis clinics and nephrology practices in the US. The application was developed by technology experts in collaboration with nephrologists. Its capabilities include an overview of patient lab tests, a list of complications and allergies, and a convenient name search option. Moreover, the application can be accessed from any computer with internet connectivity.

Falcon Silver EHR software is designed with an integrated management tool set and offers a full-featured nephrology EMR solution. It also features the ability to send patient records to the Cloud. Moreover, it provides the ability to track insurance claims in real-time. It also offers patient self-service check in and a secure patient portal. It also helps to automate the invoicing process and minimizes the need for denial fees and cancelled appointments.

The Falcon Silver Practice EHR software is designed to be used by Nephrology practices, including dialysis clinics and solo or multi-physician practices. It is also available in a mobile version for easy access.

The Falcon Silver EHR software offers an integrated, cloud-based solution that provides a full suite of nephrology-specific coding and reporting capabilities. It also helps you to manage patient records, connect data sources, share clinical reviews, and track and manage lab results. Moreover, it can be used by medical practitioners throughout the US.

The Falcon Silver EHR software offers the ability to connect to DaVita systems and other industry-specific systems. It also offers award-winning technical support. It can be downloaded to your PC or Mac, and it can be updated with the latest features. In addition, it is HIPAA-compliant.

The Falcon Silver Practice EHR software offers a warranty. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can contact the company and have the software reinstalled. It can also be terminated in its sole discretion.


Whether you are a new user or have been using Falcon Silver EHR Software for years, it’s important to read the documentation. It is designed to help you get the most out of your EHR system.

As a Silver service provider, Falcon has a robust platform that offers fully integrated management tools and reporting capabilities. This includes financial reporting, lab data management, and patient profiles. You can also customize the user interface and web experiences. Using this system, you can easily send your patients’ records to the Cloud. You can also connect and share data sources, schedule appointments, and communicate with vendors. It’s also HIPAA compliant and offers a variety of other features.

The Documentation for Falcon Silver EHR Software includes the following information. – The Falcon Silver EHR software is available to physicians and practices who provide dialysis care. It can be used in healthcare practices of all sizes. It offers a variety of features that can improve the financial bottom line, streamline administrative tasks, and increase patient satisfaction.

– The Falcon Silver EHR software features a convenient name search option, a searchable library of diagnosis by code, and the ability to schedule appointments and prescription refills. These features are designed to improve operational efficiency. You can also get a quick look at your patient’s recent labs and allergies. You can also find nephrology-specific coding, which will make it easier to document your care.

– The Falcon Silver EHR Software provides compatibility with DaVita dialysis centers. It can also be used by medical practitioners throughout the US. This system can also be used for outsourced medical tasks.

– The Falcon Silver EHR System also has a warranty. In the event that you have a problem, Falcon Silver EHR Software will work with you to resolve your issue. However, the Company will not be liable for any damages.

Authorized End Users

Using a software like the Service is a great way to improve the quality of care provided to your patients. It can also reduce denials, increase revenue, and reduce your AR days. However, in order to reap the benefits, you need to be an Authorized End User of the Service. This means you have to read, follow, and acknowledge the instructions of the Service, and use it in the right way.

The Service is a silver service level Falcon electronic health record solution for physicians. It is a robust piece of software, and provides quick access to your patients’ latest lab results. Its functionality is comparable to the latest versions of most EHR systems. It is available to physician practices and dialysis clinics nationwide. The Service is a good candidate for reimbursement incentives authorized by the HITECH Act.

The Service may be modified by the Company from time to time, and may include ancillary services. It may also be subject to injunctions for infringement. However, it is difficult to predict when or if such proceedings will occur. The company does its best to minimize such risks.

The Service may include informational materials from the Company, and is not a complete replacement for legal advice. In particular, it does not substitute for a compliance analysis. The Company also does not warrant that the materials are free of viruses. Similarly, the company does not guarantee that the Service will meet your unique requirements. You can check best comparison between Cerner vs Epic.

The company also does not warrant that the software is functional in all languages. In the event of such a claim, the company will make a good faith effort to respond within a reasonable timeframe. Using the Service requires a unique user identification name and password. The company reserves the right to change these, but will make a good faith effort to do so. It will also attempt to provide you with a 48-hour advance notice of any material changes to the Service.


Getting a Falcon Silver EHR Software is a good way to streamline your healthcare practice. The software is designed to help physicians manage patient medical records and financial reporting. It is available to physicians and healthcare providers across the United States.

The Falcon Silver EHR Software is offered through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This means that the software is billed on a recurring subscription fee. In the first five years of the contract, the average total cost of the SaaS EHR is around $58,000. Compared to the on-site software, the SaaS EHR is much less expensive. This also helps to reduce upfront costs. However, the monthly subscription fee can fluctuate greatly depending on other factors.

Falcon Silver EHR Software is available to Dialysis clinics across the United States. The software is a cloud-based platform built by DaVita Physician Solutions. The software features a robust feature set that supports new value-based care models. It includes a physician rounding tool, payer integration, and embedded analytics. It also includes a unique dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of your patients’ health.

The Falcon Silver EHR Software is designed to help physicians manage patient medical records, provide financial reporting, and monitor fluid levels. It also includes an e-prescription option. It is backed by machine learning and advanced cyber security.

Falcon Silver EHR software can be used by physicians, medical practitioners, and dialysis clinics across the US. The software features comprehensive documentation and is compatible with DaVita Dialysis Centers. It also has a warranty and terms of service. It is also available to physicians and healthcare providers across the United Kingdom.

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