Multifunction Devices Help Save on Costs

Many businesses today are looking for effective ways to cut costs and improve their profits. While some organizations look to reduce their workforce, others explore creative ways to do so without having to lay off. Companies spend an average of $725 on printing per employee each year. This is why you should invest in modern multifunction devices to help bring your printing costs down.

Older printing solutions and devices require huge power and resources to operate. They are heavy and bulky, require frequent repairs, and are costly to replace. With the advent of all-in-one printers, many printing issues for businesses were fixed. You can upgrade all your older printing equipment with modern multifunction devices that are lighter and more efficient.

Keep reading this article to learn how multifunction devices can help you save on costs and how your business can profit from it.

Top 6 ways multifunction devices can help save on costs

Modern industrial needs require a multi-problem-solving approach with minimal effort. Multifunction devices present the optimal solution for businesses’ print-related requirements. Your business can greatly benefit from their limitless capabilities. Incorporating MFDs in your workplace will not only save costs but also boost your work efficiency.

Let’s examine some ways in which multifunction devices can help you save on costs and make your workplace a productive powerhouse.

1. Reduce the number of devices

Offices and companies often have diverse requirements, and this means multiple devices and gadgets for each need. In the recent past, separate equipment was required for scanning, photocopying, and printing. This meant buying more devices and increasing office expenses.

To address this issue, you can buy a multifunction device equipped with scanning, printing, and copying functionality. This means buying a single device rather than purchasing numerous pieces of equipment that you will use or not. You can contact Epson UAE suppliers and upgrade to a single multifunction device, which will help you save on costs.

2. Greater functionality

Multifunction devices possess substantial functional capabilities. You can print, scan, fax, and email from a single device. All-in-one printers also have cloud functionality, allowing you to send and share files.

Furthermore, these printers allow you to scan and convert your documents into readable formats, such as PDFs. This means that you don’t have to spend on custom hardware and software. With MFDs, you can save on costs and achieve your desired document processing goals.

3. Save Office Space

The most prominent advantage of having a multifunction device in your workplace is saving office space. What this means is that a single device will take up less space rather than having 6 or 7 pieces of equipment.

An all-in-one printer has print, copying, scanning, email, and fax capabilities in a single machine. This allows you to save on the per-square-foot price of the rented office. You can use that space efficiently for critical tasks such as employee seating or storage.

4. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Multiple print, scanning, and fax machines mean that all that equipment will require regular service and repair separately. This will take a huge toll on your expenses and the IT department. Add to it worn parts and outdated software, and this could become a hassle.

A single multifunction device will require lower maintenance, and a single person can troubleshoot it in case of an issue. You can save costs by having a single vendor for maintenance and repairs rather than multiple contractors for different equipment.

5. Energy Saving

Older devices used outdated technology to print, copy, or scan documents, which meant they drew more power to conduct any operation. Also, the older devices couldn’t go into power-saving mode when idle. This meant that your equipment would continuously draw electricity when turned on.

You can get newer printing devices designed with power-saving technology. With fewer devices coupled with MFD’s power-saving capabilities, you can save substantially over the years. The cost of operating a single device for multiple operations would also mean lower energy bills for your organization.

6. Low wastage

Older devices often malfunction and can contribute to ink and paper wastage. For quality printing, your older equipment would consume a lot of ink. However, newer MFDs are designed to save on ink usage without compromising on quality. You can get the latest multifunction devices that are capable of printing up to 84,000 pages between ink changes.

Furthermore, multifunction devices today can use many paper types without getting paper jams and misprinting. This means lower waste and a lesser number of supplies. You can get in touch with Epson UAE distributors and get a multifunction device to reduce your costs and inventory wastage.

Invest in MFDs for ultimate cost savings!

Upgrading to a multifunction device can greatly reduce your operational costs and make your business profitable. A single all-in-one printing device will reduce your inventory load and boost your office productivity. Moreover, it will reduce the burden of troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance on your support department. Therefore, start investing in multifunction devices and witness the cost savings over the years like never before!

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