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Good content is king, l’m sure you might have to head that. And if you want to scale your blogging business you can’t afford to push out quality content consistently because that’s where the money is in blogging.

Here in the article “How Often Should I Blog To Make Money” you’re going to discover how often you should blog and how to also generate
income from your blog on daily basis.

And mind you that high-quality content marketing strategy will only get you a lot of traffic and google in return reward you both in cash and traffic.

And if you must dominate publishing frequently is one of the super marketing strategies you must bring into your blogging business.

So, if you’re asking, “how often should l blog to make money”, you’ll find an answer to that question here in this article.

How Often Should You Blog For SEO 2022 To Make Money?

Over the years in my blogging journey, I’ve learned that before anyone can dominate in blogging that publishing frequently has to be the first marketing

strategy one must have in place. And research has it that blogs with over 150 posts published have done well on google searches while those with 10-20 posts have lesser searches per month.

Now, what should you do to make sure you show up often on google searches or how often should you blog?

1: What Are Your Content Marketing Strategy For Your Blog?

Often time people complained about not making headway in their blogging journey, but, they forgot to know that failing to have a content marketing strategy before going into a blog brings no result.

And this can also happen to you if you don’t have a content marketing goal. You might decide to write or blog about your passion, but the question is.

 How long will your passion carry or go with you? Nothing is wrong with writing about one passion, but how long will you go with your passion where you’re not seeing results that can keep you going?

Blogging for success is way more than just passion.

And there are so platforms you can share your passions the goal here is to spread your content endlessly. And Once you’ve your content marketing goals established, now you can begin to draft quality content around your niche.

As you write high-quality content that gets people to engage, you’ll greatly attract traffic that you might convert into leads and sell to them to make money.

2: How Many Blog Posts Should You publish On Your Blog?

With my blogging experience have come to learn that the more content in a blog the more traffic, and that’s why most bloggers failed.

They publish a few blog posts and sit back waiting for money to flow into their account or for google to reward them with traffic. Blogging doesn’t work that way, you must publish often in your blog.

And if you’d agree with me you should be able to know that blogs that have published more than 600 blog posts receive three times the amount of traffic compared to a blog with just
50 blog posts.

3: What Resources Do You Have For Your Blog?

How many hours per day do you want to be creating content for your blog? Is there a team that should work with you in creating high-quality content for you per week?

These are things you must put into consideration so that you can have the more available resource in running your blog.

And more you than blog readers are in any blog because of the valuable content on the blog, so, never miss quantity with quality.

4: How Many People Are Working With You?

It’s important to employ more hand into your blogging business if it’s beyond what you alone can control, with this you can always
Assign the content writing strategy responsibilities to each employee, this we of the load off your shoulder and also help you focus more on other things.

And this can help you publish more quality content If you have a larger team in your blogging business. All you need is to assign each person a blog post to create content around their expertise.

5: Where Is Your Traffic Coming From?

Before now you should know that all traffic channels are not equal, there are SEO and social media networks.

However, by posting Consistently on social media we did not get you the traffic that your blog wants.

So, if you want to achieve or get good web traffic you should focus on the SEO traffic, All you need is to check the channels visitors are using to come to your blog and work more on it.


Blogging can be a very lucrative business only if you know how to play the game of blogging.

With the content shared here, I’m sure you can get
started in the right way.

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