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How well do you realise that your smile is actually one of your most precious assets? This question is important for everyone belonging to any age group. The more you realise this fact the more responsible you will be in taking proper care of your teeth and the gums. Once you start taking proper and consistent care of your teeth and the gums the more regularly you will attend your routine dental checkups. Dental care and check-up conducted by qualified and skilled professionals are undeniably expensive as far as the UK is concerned. So, if you are looking for an easy, affordable and obviously reliable way to get private dentistry near me and around London then this post can certainly prove helpful.

Book a private dental check up at affordable cost

At Wimbledon Confidental Dentist we are a solely patient-centric oral health practice located on Abbey Parade in Wimbledon. Our ultimate priority is providing patients ultimate level of convenience on all aspects to the best of ability. Scheduling an appointment with our eminent private dentists is easier than taking a walk in the park as you simply log into our website and follow a few easy steps to confirm your appointment. It is relevant to mention that our practice is open from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening every weekday that is from Monday to Friday.

Patients who come to us once do not go anywhere else because of the “top of the class” ethical care that we provide for your dental requirements. Our loyal and ever-growing clientele is confident to receive the best possible care and treatment at our London clinic using the latest technology in dentistry and at a highly competitive price. Our competitors find it impossible to match the cost of private oral health check up that we quote at our Wimbledon dental practice and beating our prices is simply out of scope for them. We ensure, every patient who comes to us receives a higher value of the money they spend at our practice and that is why we not only quote unbelievably competitive pricing but also make use of the latest technological evolutions of dental industry to provide them with the best possible care and treatment.

At the Wimbledon Confidental, we quote one of the most reasonable costs in entire London for private dental check up of new patients and this cost also includes a dental x ray if it is clinically required. We also handle cases of dental emergency although these cases have to booked only through our Patient Support department and that is why we humbly request you to call us straightaway to arrange all emergency appointments.

What are the advantages of booking a private dentist appointment near you?

There are quite a number of advantages when you book a private dentist appointment near you which include the following –

  • More personalised and quality care – Private dentists can afford to spend much greater time with every single patient which enables them to know each patient better and be aware about their individual needs and expectations more intricately explains a busy private dentist in Wimbledon.
  • Treatment based on the cutting-edge technology – Private dental surgeries invest handsomely on the latest dental technology at regular intervals; as a result private dentists have easy access to the cutting technology from the world of dentistry to provide patients with the best possible care and treatment.
  • Longer appointment time compared to NHS dentists – Compared to NHS dentists, private dentists has much longer appointment with a patient. Thus they get more time to complete a treatment on a patient along with answer all the queries.
  • Greater flexibility in availability of appointments – It is often easier to find a time for an appointment with a private dentist that works for a patient. This is because private dentists are usually more flexible with the availability of their appointments.

Why patients prefer Wimbledon Confidental

There are more reasons than probably you can count because of which dental patients in and around London choose the Wimbledon Confidental located on Abbey Parade in London. The reasons include the following –

  • An impressive bouquet of services – At the Wimbledon Confidental, we offer an impressive bouquet of dental services that meet your specific requirements. Patients come to use from near and far for routine checkups as well as complex treatments.
  • Our team comprises of highly trained and qualified dentists and skilled and experienced hygienists – The team of dentists and dental hygienists which we have is made up of highly qualified, trained, skilled and experienced professionals. We are committed to provide patients with the best possible care and treatment.
  • We quote competitive pricing for the treatments e offer – We offer prices for our treatments that are easily affordable. We know that dental care in general is quite costly and our endeavour is to make it accessible for everyone.
  • Using the latest dental technology – You can be rest assured about the fact that at our Wimbledon dental surgery we rely on the latest dental technology to provide patients with the best possible care and treatment. Some of the latest technologies that we use include 3D imaging, digital x ray, laser dentistry and others.
  • We are thoroughly patient-centric – At theWimbledon Confidental we are committed to patient-centric service. Our dentists and support staffs listen carefully to every individual need and concern of each patient and we also prepare unique treatment plans that suit every patient in the best way possible.

Along with the factors mentioned above it is also important to mention that we have a large and steadily increasing number of satisfied patients.

Choosing between NHS and private dentistry

As far as the UK is concerned, dental care and treatment are available in two ways – NHS and private dentistry. Which of the ways should you go? This is a relevant question for a large number of people across the entire country. You should carefully weigh the pros and the cons of both the treatment options before taking a decision.

Type of dental care and treatmentProsCons
NHS care and treatmentThe costs are usually reasonable and hence the treatments are more easily affordableAvailable for everyoneRoutine dental cleanings and checkups are coveredAll treatments are not covered and the treatment options are quite limitedQuite lengthy appointment wait timesMay or may not include the latest dental technologyNearly zero flexibility related to care and treatment compared to private dentistry
Private dentistry treatmentsMuch more flexible compared to the NHS dentistryTreatments are usually based on the latest dental technologyHigher levels of personalised care Much wider range of treatments are availableQuite costlyObviously not affordable for everyone

One of the best dentists in Wimbledon suggests based on these facts and factors you should take a well-thought decision whether to get your treatment at the NHS or private dentistry clinics.

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