Dental Veneers in the UK

Most people want beautiful, white and straight smile. Due to a number of factors, this desire compromises and it becomes misshaped, cracked, stained and discoloured. In case, you want a smile makeover then veneer is the correct option to go for! It camouflages the imperfections making you feel confident even in public.

Being a good choice, many people think it is extremely expensive turning down the option. This blog entails various kinds of veneers, factors affecting its price and how much are composite veneers in the UK. So, read it out now and make informed decision for your dental health.

How much does dental veneers cost averagely?

The composite veneers price in the UK relies on its materials. Location, skills and experience of the dentist also contribute to the cost. 

  • Composite resin- It is relatively affordable than other available options. Chairside veneer will charge you £637 each tooth, while lab-made composite veneer is slightly expensive and can cost you £876.
  • Porcelain- It ranges from £717 to £1,992 for a tooth. Its thickness is veneer 0.5 mm to 1 mm with an average lifespan of 10-20 years. This irreversible treatment needs removal of an amount of enamel. Any mishaps need to be addressed on an early note otherwise tooth will get exposed uncomfortably.
  • Porcelain laminate- This option is the thinnest amongst all with the thickness of 0.2 mm to 0.3 mm. It may charge you up to £637-£1,594. Dentist doesn’t require filing enamel prior to offer this treatment making it reversible.

Which factors contribute to the cost of dental veneers?

Prior to undergo veneer treatment, you have to perform an extensive dental assessment along with professional cleaning. You may have to spend up to £79 for this. X-rays will cost additional £27 to £119. Don’t worry if you own an insurance as it will cover the cost completely.

Even any additional work is required that will sum up the cost of composite veneers in the UK. Consult with your dentist regarding this matter. Cost variation is prevalent because of experience and skill of dentist and technician who will tailor-make the veneer in the laboratory.  

How dental veneers are different from crowns?

Veneer is relatively thin just 1mm and it serves to enhance the dental appearance by masking up the flaws. However, it also helps to repair cracked or chipped teeth. But there is no need to perform any significant invasive dental work prior to get veneer treatment.

On another flip, crown replaces or covers the entire tooth with a 2mm thick material. It offers extra protection to the tooth’s strength. Being an integral part of implant or a bridge it easily resemblances the look of extracted natural tooth.

What should you expect from dental veneers treatment?

Despite selecting lab-made composite or porcelain veneer, this treatment needs 2 dental visits a few weeks apart. Every visit will consume a couple of hours. During the initial consultation, dentist will examine and assess the underlying dental conditions which you need to address beforehand. Then, you can select the material and colour of the veneer for the treatment.

After administering the local anaesthesia, they will prepare the tooth by filing off a layer of enamel permanently and take dental impression for making veneer. In the meantime, you will be provided with temporary veneer till you receive the permanent and tailor-made veneer in next appointment. It will protect the teeth from extreme sensitivity due to scraping off enamel.

During the second visit, dentist will attach the permanent veneer on the teeth using a special glue. In case, you opt for no-prep veneers it doesn’t need removal of enamel. Sometimes, composite veneers are milled chairside and offered to tje patients on the same day.

Also, it comprises of applying of composite resin on the teeth and using a UV light for moulding and shaping. At last, they polish it to resemblance the look of natural teeth.

Is dental veneer worth it?

If you need dental veneers for multiple teeth then it will cost you more. Due to its consideration as cosmetic dental work, you may not get coverage from dental insurance as well. Veneers change lives for a number of people working in different sectors and exposed to public like public speakers, news anchor and actors. It boosts up the confidence in people by fixing significant dental imperfections.

The biggest benefit of porcelain veneers is it repels stain and retains the whiteness. So, you can definitely save a lot of money as you don’t need teeth whitening treatment. However, composite veneers can discolour over time due to red wine, tea and other stain-inducing foods.

Remember, with irreversible veneers you have to replace or repair them after a certain period of time. Based on your choice and care, veneers can last for 5-20 years. This cost will spike up because of a number of aspects including inflation. So, you must consult with the dentist about the veneer types to choose.

Will dental insurance cover the dental veneers cost?

Usually, health insurance never covers cosmetic dental treatment unless there is any exception. Moreover, dental plans also don’t cover the composite veneers in the UK cost. However, you can opt for dental savings plan to obtain lucrative discount during the treatment in exchange of annual or monthly membership. Nowadays, several dental insurance starts covering the cost of dental treatments including cosmetic ones only subjected to application of dental treatment. 

Is financing available for dental veneers?

Several dental clinics provide flexible payment plans and finance options at zero interest to split up the cost into easy monthly instalments. During your dental visit, consult with the dentist to know about the available plans in the clinic.


On an average, composite veneers cost in the UK usually ranges from £637 and £1,434 each tooth. You can easily calculate the cost of multiple teeth by multiplying the number of teeth deeming treatment with the average cost.

However, depending on the number of teeth requiring treatment, it can become quite expensive for you. Sometimes, it is considered as a cosmetic treatment at Thousand Smiles London and hence no dental coverage will be applicable. But in terms of money, it is really worthy as it lasts for up to 20 years without any replacement.

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