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When it comes to enhance the dental appearance, everyone opts for composite bonding in London. This non-invasive procedure boosts the overall appearance along with the self-esteem.

Before performing this treatment from any random place, you should go for a dental check up for checking the eligibility. In the meantime, read this blog to have broader ideas on the treatment procedures and costs of composite bonding.

What refers to composite bonding?

It refers to a cosmetic dental procedure which can highlight the look, shape and colour of teeth. After applying the resin material on the teeth, dentist mould and shape it to similar as the look of natural tooth. It covers up a myriad of dental imperfections to deliver a desirable, pearly white and beautiful smile to the patients.

What are the problems corrected by composite bonding?

Composite bonding helps in correcting the following dental problems:

  • Receded gums and exposed teeth roots
  • Cosmetic option for amalgam fillings
  • Ill-shaped teeth
  • Under-sized or short teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Discoloured or stained teeth
  • Damaged, chipped and cracked teeth

If you are searching for composite bonding in London for cheap then consult with the dentist and ask if there is any deal on the treatment to grab and minimise the cost.

What are the advantages of composite bonding?

The key advantages of composite bonding are in the following:

  • High rate of success with little-to-no risks which are easily fixable
  • Good value in terms of money for a flawless smile
  • Flexibility with reversible and additional touch ups
  • Can get done in a single dentist visit
  • No use of anaesthesia and no drilling
  • Good functional and aesthetic results
  • Gives natural colour and appearance

What is the cost of composite bonding?

The dental bonding cost in London depends on a number of factors. The primary factors are experience and skill of the dentist, location, intensity of the issue and time needs to fix it. As the procedure is available in a variety of options cost may differ greatly. However, simple and small bonding starts from £180. You can speak to the dentist to know the exact fees for your issue. 

Is composite bonding suitable for you?

To determine your eligibility, dentist will carry out an extensive dental exam! Moreover, factors like your desirable smile, position and colour of the teeth contribute to the eligibility as well. Remember, proper alignment and sufficient enamel is important for carrying out the composite bonding London process successfully.

How long composite bonding can last?

It entirely relies on how you care the bonding, the teeth and the whole mouth! When you go to the dentist ask how long it will last. Also confess if you have any bad habits like biting or chewing on hard items like fingernails, pencils or smoking! Surely, these are going to impact the longevity of bonding.

Can you get teeth damage from composite bonding?

No risks are associated to dental bonding. It makes use of resin that is identical to enamel and dentin. Hence, occasionally it can crack or chip down. Sometimes, it comes out of the teeth too. Fortunately, these problems are fixable and it happens less in contrast to other options like veneers, crowns and fillings.

Can you remove composite bonding?

Definitely, yes! Whenever you want, bonding can be removed without scrapping off the enamel. It enables you to reverse the process and undergo any other alternative option if it does not work for you.

Can you whiten the composite bonding?

Whitening treatment cannot work at all on composite bonding. In case, you are conscious about the whiteness of teeth then undergo whitening treatment prior to get bonded material. Composite bonding material can match the new teeth colour easily. However, when you visit a clinic in London for composite bonding discuss with the dentist on this to have better clarification. 

Does dental bonding offer permanent solution?

Bonding never provides permanent solution to your oral problems. Instead, it masks up the problems making your smile perfect and flawless. However, it can last long (about 10 years) with proper maintenance and care. After that another session of bonding will make you ready to go for another 10 years with enhanced appearance.

Can you clean the teeth naturally?

Yes and you should follow the regular oral care routine – flossing and brushing twice a day along with additional dentist instructions.

Do you need to modify the diet?

For the first 48 hours, you have to make distance from the consumption of red wine, tea, coffee and cigarettes. You have to stop biting or chewing on hard items in the long run just to prevent the teeth bonding from damage.

How can you know more about composite bonding?

In case you want to know more about this amazing cosmetic dental procedure then it is worthy to visit a dentist. During the consultation, you can come to know about the entire procedure, your expectations and composite bonding cost which you have to pay!

You can arrange an appointment at 1A Orthodontics London to consult with the dentist regarding your eligibility for the treatment.

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